About Us

Versatility is our Speciality. We Do the Difficult!

Onodi Tool & Engineering is a uniquely qualified production facility that combines more than 36 years’ experience, diverse employee expertise, and technology-driven facilities to provide precision components and complex assemblies to a variety of customers.

OTE is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has the capacity to manufacture products for mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications from diverse materials. Whether the product is  cast, forged, machined or complex assembly, OTE has the know-how to satisfy exact specifications.

An expert in metal removal, forming, and intricate application requirements, OTE has refined the art and science of precision manufacturing and set industry standards for critical part inspection and complex measurement requirements.

Continuously investing in capital equipment and facility upgrades, OTE’s 100,000-square-foot facility can manufacture single prototypes or deliver volume production. OTE can work with most materials, standards and exotics.

Equipped with high precision, numerically con­trolled CMMs, OTE successfully serves the industrial environment delivering documented dimensional reports and statistical process control information for complete product certification.

OTE exceeds standard accounting measures by using concise electronic validation systems that optimize production efficiency and provide start-to-finish quality control. Ongoing competitive analysis of products, pro­cesses, and technology drives OTE’s ability to produce the highest quality and most cost-efficient parts in the market.

OTE applies industry expertise beyond production to ensure every part, component and assembly is packaged to exact contract specifications. Packag­ing options range from turnkey solutions that are field-ready to structures suitable for storage. In ad­dition, OTE uses barcode confirmation to expedite part identification and reordering.

Combining individual skills with team strength, OTE’s dedicated family of employees serve with total transparency in com­munications and project management ensuring start-to-finish customer satisfaction.