For over 40-years, Onodi Tool & Engineering has produced high-quality, complex parts and assemblies for the most demanding applications in support of the U.S. military and our global allies

  • Onodi is a custom fabricator and assembler of precision machined components and assemblies
    • Low to medium volume production runs with reliable on-time delivery
    • Simple to complex mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic assemblies requiring machining, forming, fabrication, weldments, and specialty hardware
    • ~95% of projects require some form of value-added assembly or secondary processes
    • Deep experience working with both standard and exotic metals, castings, and forgings
  • OTE’s competitive advantage is based on its program management depth, manufacturing capabilities and processes, extensive supplier network, and commitment to quality – in combination allow the Company to bid a product range from large scale assemblies to small volume componentry
  • OTE aggregates the manufacturing and processing capabilities of a network of high precision suppliers with whom OTE has worked for over 30 years
  • Sustainment. Extensive production for U.S. DoD requirements for both tracked and wheeled vehicles affords OTE visibility of RFQs for parts identified by National Stocking Numbers (NSN’s) which are linked to OTE’s CAGE code (Commercial and Government Entity code which identifies manufacturers as qualified sources for government procurement).
    • Broad NSN coverage, legacy tooling, and knowledge of specific production processes provides responsive turnaround of spare parts and assemblies for sustainment
    • Recognized for innovation and solutions for its customers, OTE has expertise with parts identified as Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)
  • Three building contiguous campus in Melvindale, MI with over 100,00 square feet of manufacturing, engineering, quality, and administrative space
  • The Company’s production and administration staff includes many employees who have been with OTE 20-30 years resulting in strong Company culture and incumbent institutional knowledge

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