Onodi Tool & Engineering “We do the Difficult” has been the Onodi’s calling card for over 47 years.

The company has used their strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities to develop and manufacture precision mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for their partners in the defense and industrial markets.


John Onodi founded Onodi Tool & Engineering in 1974. Emigrating to Detroit from Hungary, John had established a professional reputation as a skilled engineer, machinist, and problem solver. In founding Onodi Tool & Engineering, John established notable brand recognition and continued to burnish his professional reputation.

1974 - 2020

Onodi Tool & Engineering became a stalwart supplier to defense, industrial, and aviation customers nationwide. During this long tenure, Onodi Tool & Engineering continuously invested in capital equipment and facility upgrades. Onodi also attracted highly skilled CNC programmers, job setters, machine operators, and quality technicians. Many of these experts continue to serve the business today. Onodi developed a state-of-the art manufacturing facility. With almost 100,000 square feet of manufacturing floorspace, Onodi honed its expertise to manufacture single prototypes or deliver volume production. Prime contractors, original equipment manufacturers, and Tier One suppliers continue to rely on Onodi to deliver superior components and assemblies for mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications. Onodi’s particular expertise in the defense sector cemented the company’s reputation as a trusted partner supplying mission-critical components for tactical and combat vehicles and weapon systems.

2020 – Present

In 2020, John Onodi sought a partner to execute near-term strategic and organic growth opportunities, including opportunities to strengthen its competitive position and to expand its manufacturing, engineering, and program management expertise. Covington Capital completed the acquisition of Onodi Tool & Engineering on August 1, 2020. As the company’s equity sponsor, Covington provides transactional, operational, financial, tactical, and strategic support to the business. Covington’s focus is to develop and execute opportunities critical to Onodi and its customers.

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